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Our Story

The artisan crafted flavor of De La Viuda Hot Sauce is rooted in an inspired family recipe brought to life by a widowed mother of four, Señora Sanchez.  Her deep love for Mexico’s spirited, culinary culture is at the heart of what she refers to as The Art of Spice - an artfully nurtured balance of authentic Mexcian peppers, spices and seasonings working in harmony to provide a flavorful final touch to the meal without redefining the flavor of the meal itself.

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Her Hot Sauce quickly became locally famous in her hometown of Jalisco. To make ends meet, Señora Sanchez operated a popular street cart business, often selling out of her beloved Hot Sauce to local residents.   

Today, the flavor and inspiration of her art of spice is skillfully maintained in the authentic, distinctive flavor and beautifully designed, artisan label of every bottle of De La Viuda Hot Sauce.   We hope to have the opportunity to share this legacy of art, passion and authentic flavor with you and your customers. 

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A traditionally pure Mexican hot sauce that’s crafted with chile de árbol peppers and artfully blended with an authentic mix of premium ingredients and spices.


A flavorful hot sauce created with an inspired mix of poblano and habanero peppers that delivers a curiously delicious flavor unlike any other.

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